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Notable Cases

Wilson County Murder Case - Not Guilty

Client and three others was charged with murder.  Two of the suspects accepted plea deals in exchange for testifying against the other two suspects.  The first suspect, went to trial and received 50 years.  My client and I cross examined the two co-defendant's and another complicit witness and revealed their lies and motive to testify.  Putting a frame around the State's large amount of forensic evidence and how none of it pointed to my client helped get a not-guilty.  

Murder trial: Jury finds Reyna not guilty

A grueling weeklong trial in which our use of a DNA expert and aggressive cross examination of investigating law enforcement revealed critical mistakes in the State's case. A not guilty was announced in less than an hour.

Wilson County Trial - Attempted Capital Murder - Not Guilty

A Wilson man was charged with attempted capital murder against a deputy and aggravated assault against multiple others.  Despite eyewitness testimony, surveillance footage, and State's experts, the jury found him not guilty with the help of automobile forensic testimony and pointing out flaws in the State's case.  

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